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Choosing a summer cheerleading camp for your squad can be difficult. Most organizations claim to offer “cutting edge” curriculum, affordable pricing and a great student to instructor ratio. So what makes Midwest Cheerleading different?

1. WE WILL NOT DUPLICATE CURRICULUM!  Yes, you read that correctly! We have all experienced standing on the sidelines, only to hear the opposing cheerleading squad yelling OUR chant. That totally stinks!  At Midwest Cheerleading, we have a solution to this embarrassing issue. You simply provide us with a list of schools you play during your regular season games and we GUARANTEE you will not take the floor with the same cheers, sidelines or dance routines as your opponents. In the event we work with another school in your conference or division, each team will be provided completely unique material.

2. WE PERSONALIZE EVERYTHING!  One size does not fit all! We build your camp based on the needs of your program! Squads come in all shapes, sizes, ages and ability levels – and most importantly – each team has a unique set of goals. During the course of your private camp, our staff wants YOUR feedback and input, so that we can ensure you walk away with everything you are looking for, to prepare your team for the upcoming season!

3. OUR STAFF WILL ARRIVE ENERGIZED AND READY TO GO!  Camp instructors sometimes have long days of travel to get from destination to destination. At Midwest Cheerleading we feel it is important that we provide instructors adequate time to travel and rejuvenate, prior to teaching the next camp. We take great pride in setting up a schedule that is manageable, so that your instructors do not arrive exhausted to YOUR camp! Our staff will be rested, prepared and excited to take your team to the next level!

4. OUR COACHES AND TEAMS LOVE US!  Check out the TESTIMONIALS from satisfied coaches, throughout the Midwest and nationwide. Our business thrives on the satisfaction of our clients and we vow to offer the same exceptional camp experience to you and your squad!

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