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Whether you are a cheerleading newcomer or a seasoned veteran, tryouts can be a nerve-wracking experience!  There have been countless articles written about cheerleading tryouts – and chances are, if you’re reading this one, you’ve read others.  They will all say the same things: know your material, yell loudly, dress appropriately, make eye contact with the judges…. but the biggest piece of advice I can offer isn’t any of those things.  

As a cheerleading tryout judge of over 20 years, I can confidently say we are looking for you to light up the room with your personality and demonstrate a genuine passion for cheering.  After all, that’s what cheerleading is about!  You may miss a motion, during your cheer.  You may fall behind a few counts on your dance.  You may stumble on the landing of your jump.  However, if your personality is glowing and you have a genuine love for what you’re doing on that floor, we will forget you fumbled and see the potential you demonstrate for the future of the squad.

We aren’t looking for the candidate who can put on the best show right now.  We are looking for someone who will be dependable, reliable, personable and poised throughout an entire season.  Anyone can put on a winning performance for 3 minutes, but who are the ladies and gentlemen that can put on a winning performance game after game, practice after practice?  THAT, is what we are looking for!  

Knowing your material, yelling loudly, dressing appropriately and making eye contact are all exceptional pieces of advice.  But, shining through with your passion for cheerleading will ultimately give you an edge over other contenders.  Keep your attitude positive and your smile bright, and good luck at spring tryouts!

Beth S.
National Director

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