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Midwest Cheerleading offers cutting-edge, private cheerleading camps, in the comfort of your own school or facility. With elite-level instructors, trained to be flexible to the needs of each team, we offer a completely customized cheer camp experience! Check out our rave reviews from cheerleading coaches across Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and nationwide. We are your one-stop-shop for cheers, chants, dances, pom routines, stunting, choreography and more!

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I have coached cheerleading at both the junior and high school levels for many, many years. Our Midwest Cheerleading instructors are always creative, knowledgeable and most importantly, build rapport with the athletes. I appreciate their flexibility to my needs and ability to provide a well-rounded, personal experience for each cheerleader.
Jackie K. Illinois
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I really enjoyed how personal the instructors were. This camp was AWESOME! I love the cheers, dances, stunts, everything! I also liked how you give us formations to the dances and cheers!
Kathy H. Illinois
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My girls had so much fun! They wanted the instructors to come for another day! Thank you so much!
Andrea B. Illinois
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Thank you for an outstanding camp! We enjoyed our experience with Midwest Cheerleading and learned so much!
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The camp was awesome! Do not change anything! Thank you so much!!
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We loved our choreography! We walked away from our camp with an outstanding routine and are confident about competition, this year!
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FANTASTIC CAMP! We have so many new things to work with, now!
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We absolutely LOVE our choreography! Our team had a blast at our camp! Thank you!
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I am a new coach and had no idea what I was doing. By the end of camp, I had so much knowledge about cheerleading. My girls said the only way they were going to camp next year is if it is Midwest Cheerleading!
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We couldn’t have been happier with the personalized camp experience Midwest Cheerleading offered! We learned so many unique things and really took our stunting to another level, in just three days. What an impressive staff and excellent curriculum!
Two thumbs up for excellence! Midwest Cheerleading rocks!
I love the one-on-one attention my squad received from your staff. I warned them that I could be a little picky, but they went out of their way to accommodate my (many) requests! The girls are already looking forward to next years camp!
We were seeking new material and needed desperate help with team building. The girls walked into this camp as acquaintances and walked out as lifelong friends and teammates. And the bonus was that we got some wonderful new cheers, a new dance routine and some amazing new stunts and pyramids!
Our routine placed at state! This was the first time in history our squad competed, and we not only qualified, but we placed! Did I mention we placed at STATE?! Thank you to the wonderful choreographers at Midwest Cheerleading!
With a tight budget and a very inexperienced team (and coach!), we were looking for a company to fit our needs. Midwest Cheerleading certainly delivered an amazingly affordable camp, complete with excellent curriculum and an energetic staff.
As a first time coach, I took a gamble with a company I wasn’t familiar with and WOW, did it pay off! I am so glad we discovered Midwest Cheerleading and will absolutely be using them again. I highly recommend the private three day camp!
As long as I’m coaching, we WILL use Midwest Cheerleading! We were so impressed by the content they taught us during our private camp. My girls loved their instructors and their professionalism was unsurpassed.
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Midwest Cheerleading has been a great resource for my high school squad! We love the one on one attention they provided, the reasonable cost of their camp and the awesome skills they taught!
Terri N. Missouri